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Locks re-keyed, replaced, repinned, retumbled, re-cored, changed, reset, re-coded, reconditioned, recombinated, keyed alike, and master keyed.
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Watch out for bait-and-switch locksmith companies.
There are a lot of fraudulent locksmiths nationwide and in the Tampa Bay area that are scamming customers.
What is a locksmith scam?

Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive Locks Rekeyed

Did you have your car keys stolen?

Does somebody you don’t trust have a copy of your key?

We can rekey your car locks to a different set of keys. Rekeying a lock involves taking the lock apart and changing the wafers or pins inside so the old keys won’t open the lock.

As well, if your vehicle is transponder-equipped, the computer can be reprogrammed in most cases so the old keys won’t start the car.

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Honda locks and keys are notorious for wearing out suddenly.

Of course, Honda isn’t the only vehicle where the locks will stop working.

We can rebuild most types of vehicle locks so the keys work again. Usually this involves removing the cylinder and replacing the worn-out wafers with new parts.

Vehicle Locks Repaired

Did your Honda key stop working?

Has your Ford lock stopped turning?

Cars Unlocked

Did you lock your car with the key in the ignition?

Or perhaps you locked the keys in the trunk?

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We are able to open most vehicle makes and models without damaging the door.

Other companies will usually spread the door open with wedge tools. This can damage the weather-stripping, scratch the paint, or even scratch the tint.

Not us. We’re professionals.

We use the newest, high-quality lock tools that pick open the door lock, just the same way your key would.

Don’t take chances at damaging your car.

We can duplicate and program your vehicle key fob or chip key. We are more convenient and more affordable than the dealership in most cases.

We are constantly updating our software, so we are able to copy the vast majority of transponder keys, key fobs, chip keys, remotes, remote-head keys, and flip-out keys.

Smart Key Fobs Duplicated

Do you need a spare key fob?

Or do you need another remote-head key?

Lost Keys and Remotes Made

Did you lose your car keys?

Is your remote misplaced?

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We make chip keys and remotes from scratch.

Whether you lost your key fob, or if you lost a remote, we have the tools, machinery, software, and training to generate a key to your vehicle from an all-keys-lost situation and get you on the road once again.

There’s absolutely no need to have your vehicle towed to a car repair facility. We come to you with all the equipment needed to make a key, and usually within an hour or so.

We have the equipment to duplicate the “laser key” and “sidewinder” style keys.

Sidewinder Keys Duplicated

Do you need a spare key with the “fancy cuts” on the side?

Car Locks Keyed Up and Installed

Did you buy a new lock and need it keyed to match your keys?

We can rekey most locks that you buy online or at an auto-parts store.

No need to have two different keys for your car. We’ll match that new lock to your existing keys.

Contact Us for more information.

We have the equipment to cut and program your supplied key.

Be aware, however, that purchasing cheap online keys is risky. They won’t always be compatible with, or be as good quality as your original keys.

Although we can attempt to program your key, we have to charge for our time and the use of our equipment.

If you want an absolute guarantee that a key will work, we suggest contacting us for our price on a new key. Our prices will include cutting and programming. We use new, factory original keys whenever possible.

Internet Keys Cut and Programmed

Did you buy a key online and need it cut and programmed?

Contact Us for more information.

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